Thursday, September 23, 2010

13 on thursday

Lots of random stuff going on so thought I'd do a spin off of Leslie's "Ten on Tuesday." Not sure if I'll make it a regular thing but it definitely works today. We'll see how it goes. Welcome to the first (and maybe the last) installment of 13 on Thursday...

1. I'm so ready for fall temps. Our weather continues to be in the 90-100 range and I'm totally over it. This is our 6th summer here and it's been the longest, hottest one yet. While I'm not a fan of living in an area with snow, if it also offers 4 seasons I just may consider it. A season lasting 3 months seems so much more bearable than ones that last 9 (summer in Shreveport & winter in Lake Tahoe).

2. Lee's birthday is coming up and he's really been enjoying his "birthday week." Lucky guy gets to open a gift a day. He's like a little kid in a candy store every morning - I love it!

3. Our annual "anniversary trip" is right around the corner and we're both counting down the days. Love seeing Lee so excited about it. Wishing the weather where we're headed wasn't the same as it is here but, oh well, at least we'll have a pool to cool off in.

4. Abbie had her sweet little boy this week (7 weeks early!) Please pray for Finley to grow and get stronger every day and for Abbie's body to heal. It's been one heck of a ride for her and her husband.

5. So excited about the pics Tracie took of me as part of Lee's anniversary present that I couldn't wait to show him. Lucky guy got an early anniversary present in addition to "birthday week." I'm beginning to think I may be spoiling him but it's ok...he definitely deserves a little spoiling every now & again.

6. Rather smitten with these new holiday offerings [especially the candy bars] from Vosges.

7. Currently obsessed with 2011 calendars, new cookbooks, and cupcakes.

8. Found what might be the perfect chairs for our living room. Now just need to get by a store and see if they're comfy. Fingers crossed.

9. Attempting to organize our study/office. It's turned into the room to dump everything we don't know what to do with so this should be interesting. Thought it would be a one-day project but quickly learned it will take multiple days to make order from that mess.

10. My dad's birthday is two days after Lee and I'm struggling to figure out a great gift. He's definitely one of the hardest in my family to buy for. Why are men so hard to buy for?

11. I find myself already looking for Christmas gifts. I'm bound & determined to not be overly stressed this holiday season. I may have also already been looking at Christmas cards as well. I feel like I'm so ahead of the game but know I'll end up scrambling at the end. I always do.

12. I was doing pretty good about going to the gym at least 3x a week but got out of the routine when I wasn't feeling well. Now that I'm feeling better I'm having a heck of a time getting back into the grove. Why are habits that are good for us so easy to break?

13. Really excited the fall season of tv has begun and so thankful for the invention of the DVR. Seriously, what in the world did we do before?

Told ya, totally random.


heather said...

can't wait to hear about your trip! and what a great tradition...we tend to skim over ours (and ours is a two day even!!). :-)

love the name finley..."our" finley is super cute so i bet hers is too! :-)

and totally love all the things on your list ( things to shop for) fact before i got to that point I realized that i need to get on my Christmas shopping idea list pronto!

mom said...

Love this. Hope it becomes a "regular" on Thursdays. Hey, where is the Friday "Words to Live By"??