Tuesday, October 5, 2010

los cabos {lee's birthday}

The main reason for our trip was to celebrate our anniversary [Oct. 12] but due to timing it worked out better to travel the last week of September. Lucky for Lee that meant he'd get to celebrate his birthday in paradise. And paradise it was.

He loves to swim and 3 mornings a week he heads to a local gym before the crack of dawn to swim laps. Although we were on vacation he opted to start most mornings off with a swim [for the pure pleasure of it] and his birthday morning was no different. After opening the one gift remaining from his birthday week we both headed out into the early morning calm - he to swim and me to take pictures. It was perfect. [At the end of our trip he said one of the highlights for him was to swim laps with the Sea of Cortez right over his shoulder. Needless to say I was thrilled upon downloading my pictures and seeing this one.]

After his swim we went to breakfast and then lounged all day by the pool. We read a little, slept a little, swam a little, drank a little, ate lunch, and then started the process all over again. It was a truly lovely day and he seemed perfectly content + happy. Exactly what I hoped!

After taking a much needed siesta we got ready for a once in a lifetime experience. I'd arranged with the hotel to set up a private dinner on the beach. This was to celebrate our anniversary and his birthday and let me tell you...it was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

A table [with a rug underneath - I kid you not], two lounge chairs, a fire pit, and tiki torches were set up on the beach in front of the infinity pool just for us. Pretty crazy. The beginning got off to, hmmm, shall we say an "interesting" start due to a group of guys that had probably had way too many while enjoying the afternoon sun. They were loud at the pool to begin with and then decided they wanted to get in the water and since they couldn't use the area in front of us they stumbled by us to get to another section of beach. They were quite friendly [one guy even said hello as he walked by] but shortly after a security guy came to escort them back to their room. From what the concierge told us the following day one of the guys asked her to apologize to us.

The setting was spectacular, our server was friendly and incredibly engaging, and the champagne and wine they paired with our meal was fantastic! I wasn't in love with most of the food [I found this to be the case for most of our vacation, with the exception of breakfast] but Lee thought it was perfect. I'd even spoken with them about having our dessert be a small birthday cake for Lee and they happily obliged. It truly was a magical evening.

The following are all views we had during our dinner...

Looks to me like he had a fantastic birthday. What do you think?

I love how happy + relaxed he looks.

After dinner we "retired" to the lounge chairs they had set up in front of a fire pit for us. The addition of this completely surprised + delighted me and, truth be told, was one of the highlights of the evening for me. The dinner was incredible but to be able to sit and enjoy your very own {private} fire pit with an after dinner drink {wine for Lee & cappuccino for me} while gazing at the crashing waves several feet away was pure magic.

It was truly incredible and I'm certain this is one experience I'll remember for a lifetime. Pure bliss.


heather said...

sounds (and looks) incredible!!! love the private fire too!! what a great surprise!

Anonymous said...

What an amazing description with picture proof in addition. The views are really phenonomal!!!! What a wonderful way to spend your birthday and celebrate your anniversary as well!!! I really liked the ship passing by as though to help you celebrate and your own private fire pit. Wow!!!

Jenny @ Practically Perfect... said...

Oh wow - it sounds absolutely fabulous! I would have loved the private dinner on the beach (too bad about those guys, though!). I'm glad you had such a great vacation :-)

mom said...

So glad the evening (as well as the vacation) turned out so well. When did Lee find out about the dinner on the beach?? I know you said that it was going to be a surprise. Sounds like you had a few surprises as well. The lounges by the firepit were definitely a great "touch".....Loved the pics!