Friday, October 8, 2010

words to live by


...because you'll quickly learn the terminal you're flying out of in Houston doesn't sell any sunglasses and you'll be forced to spend WAY more than you thought humanly possible at the resort at which you are staying. After hearing the total you'll then feel so guilty that you'll tell your sweet husband that you'll gladly accept them as an anniversary gift because you know he hasn't had time to think of one and you hope it will erase the mountain of guilt you feel because you forgot your sunglasses when you were headed on a beach vacation! And, oh yeah, you have new sunglasses at home that were purchased on your summer trip. Seriously, who DOES that?! Um, yeah. That would be yours truly. {insert huge kick in the arse here}

What do you think, were they worth it? Not sure I can say they were but I must admit this shot [which was captured immediately after purchasing said anniversary gift] is one of my new favorites!


Sadie said...

I noticed those glasses right away. Didn't know there was a story behind them but they definitely suit you!

heather said...

i like them a lot! but i've been big on the bigger-sized sunglasses this year (as evidenced by my current pair)!

mom said...

I love this picture. I was just going through some old albums...remember when David wore those BIG glasses and you and Carol were horrified?! You made sure that the next time he ordered new glasses that they were much smaller. the "biggies" are back! Should I show this pic to David???????