Tuesday, February 1, 2011

my day {saturday} in pictures

Lee and I flew to Cleveland this past weekend so I could get a good look {in person} at what will {hopefully} be our new house. I won't lie, I was pretty anxious as we waited to board our flight out of Shreveport. Lots of the unknown going on and, to be honest, I don't do so well with that. It didn't help that our flight was delayed and it was questionable if we'd make our flight out of Houston. If not, we were looking at missing my chance to see the house that day and would have to wait until the next morning. Yeah, didn't love that.

Luckily we did make our connection but it required a very fast walk and no time for food or a potty break. Given we left our house at the crack of dawn we were starving. Thankfully you can still buy food on Continental. It may have been snacky food but at that point we were just happy to have something of semi-substance to munch on. As a bonus it even tasted pretty good!

After our "brunch/lunch" Lee took a little nap and I took that opportunity to finally (!!) start my master to do list for the move. I've been bogged down with denial and couldn't find the energy to get the list going. Figured no better time to get it started than while flying to our new city. It definitely helped. Now I just need to get working on it!

Landing in Cleveland. Brrrr.

Walking out to get our rental car. Gotta say, the Uggs were a fantastic choice! Never once were my feet anything less than warm + super cozy.

We had to kill a little time waiting for our realtor so, of course, we found ourselves in a Starbucks trying to get warm.

After seeing the house (those pictures will come later) we made a beeline for an early dinner (aka super late lunch) at a place we found on our trip in November...B Spot Burgers. It's located in a cute shopping area that has an Anthropologie, Sur la Table, Trader Joe's, Barnes & Noble, and a Penzeys Spices. Lee was excited about Penzeys and I was excited that all of this goodness is less than 5 miles from the house!

Dinner was sublime and I can honestly say I ate the best {gourmet} burger I've ever had. It was truly incredible. If you're ever at a Michael Symon restaurant and you have the opportunity to try his Lola Burger, do it! You won't regret it! Read more about B Spot here.

We followed up dinner with a cold walk around the shopping center and I got to do a little window shopping inside Anthropologie. I was a little disappointed with their home selections until I rounded the corner and saw the chair I've had a crush on for YEARS! It's no longer available online (that I've seen) so needless to say I was super happy to see it in the store. Although we have lots of space to fill, unfortunately, this piece is still not in our budget. At least I'll be able to visit it from time to time.

Our trip was good and I'll be sharing some pictures of the house soon. I adore the inside but the outside needs lots of love. We've already started talking about how to ratchet up its curb appeal - can't wait!

This next picture wasn't a part of our day on Saturday but it pretty much sums up how I feel after this trip...


Sadie said...

I am SO happy you're excited about the move! It's a new adventure and will be wonderful. And on a random note, your nails look really pretty. :)

Can't wait to see the house..

Anonymous said...

Yay! Sounds like a successful trip. I'm so excited for you and a bit jealous of all the new adventures you're about to experience. Can't wait to visit.

Love the boots! You've actually made me consider getting a pair.

And, like Sadie, I can't wait to see the house.


Sadie said...

And p.s. I like "Cleveland Rocks" as your new title.

heather said...

Have to admit, I'm most intrigued by the burger (but that's just how i roll)! :-)

The best one I ever had was at Burger Bar in Vegas (which is Hubert Keller's burger restaurant). Gues es these awesome chefs really know how to make a burger!

mom said...

I agree with Sadie....."Cleveland Rocks" sounds like a great new title for your blog! So glad all turned out well on your trip, and that your Uggs kept your tootsies nice and warm. I'm like everyone else, can't wait to see the house.

the southern hostess said...

How exciting! And that chair is fabulous. It needs to go on sale.

Tracy said...

I love the chair! Don't you think it's a sign that it should be in your new house!